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A Kingdom Hearts Art Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Kingdom Hearts Art Community

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First contribution! [07 Oct 2010|03:08am]

Title-He shouldn't mess with fire...
Artist- me, Verubi
*Character(s)/Pairings- Lea!
*Rating- idk, PG I guess xD
Comments- My first official fanart and I'm proud! :)

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Dreams are always interesting!... Right? [15 Sep 2010|04:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title- The Sora and the Darkness
Artist- i_donate_organs/conblanqeador... same person. ._.;;
*Character(s)/Pairings- No pairings, characters are Sora and Tinkerbell. Brief cameos from (Apparently)Onion!Ansem and Chernabog.
*Spoilers- No spoilers :3
*Rating- Uh...G?
Comments- This is actually the latest in a series I'm doing. They're comics based on actual dreams I've had... which I hope doesn't sound too loser-y. D:  Oh crap, I sure hope this cut works!

Why did I choose blue?Collapse )

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KH PSP decals [07 Sep 2010|04:49pm]


I bough the PSP KH Birth by Sleep bundle and I though the decals for the PSP were going to be included but they are only included
when you buy the game separate. I was wondering is anyone has the decals for the PSP and is interest in selling them to me?

I live in the US, please send me a private message or leave a comment if there is anyone interest. I really would like to have them!


Thank you for reading
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Physics lesson: KH Style! [02 Sep 2010|08:39pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Title- KH Comic: Why Sunsets are Red
Artist- rasenth
*Character(s)/Pairings- Roxas and Axel
*Spoilers- Based off of a silly conversation Axel and Roxas had in KHDays.
*Rating- G
Comments- When I heard Axel's explanation about why sunsets are red, I thought it was HILARIOUS...ly wrong. Even though I already learned the reason why in high school physics class, I did a little more research on Google and Wikipedia to make sure I'm right. XD

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'SUP PEEPS [27 Aug 2010|11:16am]

[ mood | amused ]

princealia introduced me to this community. Hey guyz~ I tried to stop myself drawing fanart for awhile (it was a loooong, sad time) but now that I graduated and I have no artistic responsibilities, I finally let myself out and splurged on KH fanart. XD
I'll post the KH fanarts I churned out the past month or so. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF... *counts* EIGHT PICTURES. *woot*

It'll be an LJ cut of thumbnail previews with links to Devart, oh the excitementCollapse )

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[ mood | ...oops ]

So, this is my Roxas plush I bought a couple years ago. Besides him being my favorite, I got this plush because I thought his face was hilarious. No matter what I do and no matter what I say, it always looks like he sits on my bed judging me for it.

Me: Ugh, I don't feel like going to school today :\
Roxas Plush: *judges* >:|
Me: Ok, ok, I'll go D:

Me: >_> I know I'm suppose to be saving money, but I really want this shirt...
Roxas Plush: *judges* >:|
Me: Fine, I won't buy it. Shit :|

Me: I paid a person's bus fare today! :D
Roxas Plush: *judges* >:|
Me: What? What did I do wrong?
Roxas Plush: *judges* >:|
Me: What, I was suppose to pay their transfer fee, too?!
Roxas Plush: *JUDGES* >:|
Me: Oh, come on!

But right now, he's judging me MAJORLY for neglecting this community for the past year or so. I'm terribly sorry, guys. First fandom kind of died a few years after the second game and the release of Re:COM didn't do too much in the revival department. Then I got busy with school trying to graduate, and now we literally have over 9,000 games coming out and there's really no excuse for me not to keep this place up now.

I'm going to start going back and tagging posts rather than placing them in the memories since LJ has since created a tagging system since then to make it easier to find old art. Birth By Sleep is coming out in a few weeks, so I really want to get this place rolling again since fandom is getting a little more active, but I need your help as well! I know you guys are probably sitting on a ton of fanart that people would love to see (including myself, I'm trying to avoid spoilers so going to DA to see new KH art is pretty much asking to be spoiled with a nice bow on it), so please share!

Here's a quick reminder of the header for the posts:


The ones marked with a * are required. At this point 358/2 Days, Re: Coded, Birth By Sleep and other game Nomura is planning on pulling out of thin air are considered spoilers. Even if you're not sure something is a spoiler, mark it anyways. I just recently got spoiled for something because someone was like "hurr, this isn't a spoiler" WHEN IT VERY MUCH WAS, TRUST ME. If I had a limit break, I would have used it right, then, and there. Any other questions can be asked in this post, or you can check the community profile to see if it's been answered already.

So yeah, let's see some art! Tell your friends! I promise to be better about keeping this place up. I don't want Roxas Plush judging me...again.
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Days fanart - Xion & Roxas [21 Jan 2010|12:40am]

Finished a piece of Days fanart I started a while back.

Sometimes all a sad little girl needs is for her friend to give her a hug.

One Last SunsetCollapse )
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[16 Jan 2010|02:24am]

Title- Doodles
Artist- cherubii / Reeba
Character(s)/Pairings-Naminé & Roxas.
Spoilers- Nope!
Rating- G
Comments- little quick doodles!


( Click to view ) posted @ cielour
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Commissions [14 Jan 2010|08:02am]

Hey guys been forever since I posted in here.

I have no new art but I just wanted to say I'm opening commissions. I'm going to be donating all the profits to help the people in Haiti, so please even if you're not interested in purchasing a commission now, at least spread the word to help me out. Here's a link to commissions info: Journal on DA

Examples of my art, KH stuff [NO spoilers]: KH Gang in Green, KHII Sora, Sora and Riku Battle
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[23 Dec 2009|03:25pm]

[ mood | intimidated ]

Title-Just Some Marker Practice
Artist-Again, I go by i_donate_organs on DA >_>
*Character(s)/Pairings-Um.. no pairings. These are just basically a few doodles. Sora, Kairi, Naminé, and Olette are featured. Two of them are in costumes.
*Spoilers- I don't think there are any..
*Rating- XD;; Pretty sure this is completely G. Like I said, character doodles.
Comments- These are kinda old now, but I think my marker pictures have actually gone down in quality! How does that happen?! D: Also, Clown!Sora and Doll!Naminé are kind of from a comic I was attempting and haven't completely abandoned yet. It's at my DA page... which should really have a link. ._.;; Uh, here: http://i-donate-organs.deviantart.com/art/Dolls-pg-1-115604452
I'm probably going to be redoing those pages though. Or something.

Markers are funCollapse )

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KH Matryoshka Dolls [22 Dec 2009|11:39am]

(This is crossposted to my personal LJ and my dA; my apologies if you see it a bunch)

Title: Sora's Heart Nesting Dolls
Artist: lynxgriffin
Characters: Sora, Roxas, Xion, Ven
Rating: G
Spoilers: Spoilers for Days and I guess BBS to a degree
Comments: Something a little different, but lots of fun. XD

Lots of layersCollapse )
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Taking Commissions [19 Dec 2009|12:17am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Sorry if this is not allowed *bows*
Hey there! I'm here to let you know I'm taking commissions! You can check out all the details here ^_^

I'm currently only taking B&Wsketches commissions, since the Holiday season is a rather busy one ^_^;;

Examples: HERE, and HERE.

You can find more stuff by me at my deviantART gallery!

Questions heartily welcomed ^_^

[[ Crossposted to 0kingdom_hearts ]]

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Kingdom Hearts II : Axel [10 Sep 2001|04:40am]

I made an Axel plushie out of felt and he came out great. Even made a paopu fruit for him to hug at night ^3^. I think I'll make some more and have a little Kingdom Hearts Plushie Party xD. Anywho if anyones interested I'm selling the plushie for $10 ($15 if you include the paopu fruit) Or if you have any requests I'd be happy to comply =]

Hope you like

Spoilers: none
Rating: G

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[Art] KHII - Paying Attention to Recent Developments (Sora/Leon) (G) [05 Nov 2009|04:49am]

Title: Paying Attention to Recent Developments
Though it should be something more like Sora going: "SO IT'S BEEN A YEAR and I am kind of OLDER and you are kind of still HOT did you want to maybe pay attention to these developments."
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters/Pairings: Sora/Leon
Rating/Warnings/Spoilers: G, no spoilers
Crit/Feedback: This is just a sketch; I plan to clean it up sometime, so crit is especially welcome towards that end =)


Full sketch over on my LJ
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5-Dollar Heartless Commissions! [02 Nov 2009|11:28am]

(This is cross-posted to my dA and personal LJ; sorry if you see it twice)

Okay, I'm in need of some extra cash now, so I thought it would be fun to try something a little different for commissions. Therefore, for this month of November, I'm doing 5-Dollar Heartless Commissions! They work as such:

- Pick any character you want, whether from any fandom or an original character of yours.
- Pick whether you want them drawn as a Heartless, Nobody or Unversed. (And for Nobodies, be aware that it's not drawing them as an Organization member, but rather as a Lesser Nobody.)
- For only $5.00, I'll give you a full color picture of your character-turned-Heartless! This is less than half of what I usually charge for color commissions, so it is a great deal!
- For examples of Heartless designs from me, check out some of these examples.

Interested? Here's just a few things to keep in mind:
- If you pick an original character or a character I don't know, it would help to provide either a written description of them, or a picture of them. Also notes on their personality/powers would help.
- I very very strongly prefer being paid through PayPal. However, snail mail can be negotiated in certain situations.
- These 5-dollar commissions are only available through the month of November, so ask for them during this month!

So if you'd like one, just comment at me with what Heartless, Nobody or Unversed you want done!
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fanart :: roxas!! [07 Oct 2009|10:15pm]

Hey everybody!

Drew this pic of Roxas today and thought I would share ^_^ ... I've been playing Days but I haven't beaten it yet... it's very exciting!

Click here for the full view (opens dA)

^_^ have a happy day!!

<3 meenist 

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[21 Sep 2009|12:46pm]


KH - Days DS Case

Artist: hakumei_kouu
Character(s): None (does the KH heart count? :B)
Spoilers: None!
Rating: G for... being G-rated of G-rated-ness. Yeeeees.
Comments: i'm such a geek... and i felt like using this form for lack of what exactly to say. ha. :D I knitted a case for my DS out of... geekery? DAYS FTW? :D I wanted to make it in honor of the release, but it was INCREDIBLY fun to make and I might make more for absolutely no reason~ Definitely going to make a BbS-esque PSP case; once I get some blue yarn...

xposted in other communities? not very many, but sorries for spamming your friends list! D:
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Fanart: Just Sora and some dynamite. [14 Sep 2009|02:18am]

blow my heart up

Artist: ceriene
Character(s)/Pairings: Sora, Sora, and another Sora
Spoilers: Nothing. This is... all AU-ish?
Rating: G for the first two pictures, and PG/T for the last pic for leather and studs. Nothing graphic.
Comments: ...Just delurking with some fanart? <3

(baby, you could blow my heart up.)
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11$ commissions! [04 Sep 2009|09:25am]

Hey guys!

I am offering a few very cheap commissions while I still have some free time. For just 11$, you can get a fully colored character commission! Some examples are:

click here for bigger versionsCollapse )

so please! :D either leave a comment here or email me at meenist@gmail.com

I am only opening FIVE slots. The first five to respond will be getting this special offer. I don't see myself ever doing it again. XD so please! help me help you!


will be xposted to a lot of places guys, so sorry bout that :]
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[fanart] riku x sora [28 Aug 2009|11:42pm]

riku's pretty lucky right now

here they are (dA as usual)

<3 meenist

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