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So, after being completely amazed at the amount of art work in this fandom, I decided to make a community dedicated to those artists, doodlers, PS workers, sketchers, MS paint creators, craftsmen, costume makers, whatever you like to call yourself who create the nifty Kingdom Hearts fanart I see all the time. I thought it would be nice for the art side of the fandom to have a little place go so here it is!

Frequently Asked Questions:

-You CAN post KH!Final Fantasy characters as long there's something Kingdom Hearts related in your picture.
I know the Final Fantasy canon is kinda tweaked for Kingdom Hearts game play like Teenage!Seifer, kiddie!Tiddus, Yuna, Rikku and Paine!Fairies, LivingandBreathing!Aeri(s)th, Squall Leon, etc., so they are allowed. Although, if you have a picture with Sora and Reno, I'm not going to kill you. The key thing to remember is Kingdom Hearts.

-You CAN post KH!Disney characters as long as there's something Kingdom Hearts related in your picture.
Just like the Final Fantasy characters, the canon is kinda tweaked for the Disney characters as well. You don't HAVE to stick to just the ones seen on the screen, but as long as there's something Kingdom Hearts related in your picture, I don't care who you use.

-Textile art such as fun-with-figurines and action figures, plushies, costumes, etc. is allowed.
I see people making plushies all the time. If you have one you like to share, go for it! I know people like to make keyblades, too. Go ahead and post that, too. If you have a shirt you want to show off, or put Nobody symbols on your shoes, show that too!

-Any artwork from any of the Kingdom Hearts games is allowed.
It doesn't have to be the last game that came out. How much would that suck? We'd be missing out on the good stuff.

-Background drawings are allowed.
If you drew Twilight Town, Destiny Islands, Hollow Bastion Radiant Garden, Sora's collection of beanie babies in his basement, post it! It doesn't have to be just characters. Hey, if you drew someone's weapon or a keyblade, that's allowed, too!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! Feel free to post any pairing or subject you feel as long as it's Kingdom Hearts related. Everything is welcome here. BUT all I ask is you do two things before posting a piece of work:

1. Please put it behind a LJ-cut if you choose to post your work here instead of linking it to somewhere else.
You can do thumbnail previews, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use a LiveJournal Cut for the actual picture. No one wants their friends list or journal screwed up over one picture, and not everyone has a high speed internet connection. If you do not know how to do one, please read about it here.

2. Please use a header when posting your work.
A typical header consists of the following:

Title-You don't *have* to have a title, but it's nice to have for kicks.

Artist-If you are posing it from a different LJ name than you normally use or want people to look up your art account such as DeviantArt or something, you might want to indicate that.

*Character(s)/Pairings-THIS IS REQUIRED! Like I said earlier, everything is allowed and encouraged, but not everyone is into the same pairings. Whether it's friendship, slash, or romance, let us know BEFORE we click the link. Surprise!buttsex is not everyone's thing.

*Spoilers-THIS IS REQUIRED! Not everyone has played all the way through the games released yet, so if it's a spoiler for something you know is gonna blow part of the plot line for anything, please indicate it here.

*Rating-THIS IS REQUIRED! Use any rating system you want just as long as it lets people know what they are in for. If it's "porntastic and kinky", say that. If it's rated G, say that. If it's PG with subtle slash implication, say that.

Comments-You can add anything else you want to say here like if there are special instructions (ex: "leave comments at my journal and not here", or "This is the 5th piece in a series I have made, which you can find the others *insert link to others here*"). That type of stuff.

The parts with the *'s by them are a MUST. You don't have to have it in that format, but at least somewhere in your post state if there are spoilers, who is in it, and a rating. It'll make things run a lot smoother in the community.

Other than that, post away and have fun! You ARE allowed to advertise for other KH/Disney/FF related communities here.